UK Payday Loan Lenders

In an ideal world, no one’s expenses would ever be more than their income. But as we all know, this is not always the case. Most of us have a monthly budget we have to adhere to-with each paycheck allotted for certain bills. Unfortunately, once in a while that monthly budget gets thrown out the window by an unexpected expense. When this happens to you, you can turn to a UK payday loan lender for financial assistance.

A UK payday loan lender will be able to provide you with a short-term loan or a cash advance on your next paycheck to hold you over until your next pay period arrives. There are several reasons why you may have to get a payday loan, including but not limited to: medical bills, automobile repairs, special occasions, vacationing, etc. Since most unexpected expenses that occur require immediate attention or payment, a payday loan may be the way to go.

UK payday loans are very advantageous for many people. These loans are popular due to the fact that a credit report is not pulled and used to determine eligibility for the loan. People that have good or poor credit-even those with late pays, charge-offs, and bankruptcy-can get approved. Obtaining this type of loan may even help your credit rating, but it has to be repaid on time for it to do so. If it is not repaid when it is due, then this can hurt your credit. If you were unable to repay the full amount at the time that it is due, then contacting your lender and discussing further options would be the right approach to take. Your lender may be able to help you out and extend the repayment period.

The approval process for UK payday loans is fast and easy. This is partially due to the fact that a credit report does not have to be pulled, but also because the amount borrowed is secured by your next paycheck. The lender will ask for an actual post-dated check or ask you to provide your account information so they can electronically debit your account for the amount owed. The amount borrowed can be up to $1000.00 and the term of the loan is usually only for one to two weeks-just until your next paycheck arrives. Due to the convenience of these loans, the interest rate tends to be higher than other types of loans, so shopping around for the best rate would be beneficial to anyone getting a payday loan.

The easiest and fastest way to obtain a payday loan is to look online for one. Many lenders have online applications that can be filled out and processed within 24 hours. After the lender receives your application and verifies your identifying information and employment, you could have the proceeds from the loan in your account the very next day. It can’t get much better than that when in need for some cash fast!

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  1. If your credit report is in the 400-640 range, there is little worry with a 1 hour payday loan credit check.

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