Seven Tips to Save on Back-to-School Supplies

All parents who have a kid still in school are aware that shopping for school supplies can take a huge toll on the household budget. Using these tips on saving money can help the back-to-school shopping become slightly less stressful for everyone.

1. Do an inventory of the supplies you have
Go through your kid’s things and check which of them can still be used. Does she have a clipboard that still works well? Are there notebooks from last year that are still fit for use? Are there paper pads that still have clean pages? If you do an inventory of the things that your child already has, you are able to save cash, organize your child’s belongings, and be eco-friendly by not buying so much stuff and instead reusing old ones.

2. Create and contribute to a school supply jar
Each year, it is safe to assume that there will be some big expenses for your child such as a good calculator or renting out her musical instrument of choice. Prepare for these small and big expenses, especially the unexpected ones, by creating a particular fund for the required school items. This can be a simple jar where you place the spare coins that you have in your wallet each time you come home. Before long, you will find that you have saved up enough cash to pay for your child’s expenses this year and maybe even the following year.

3. Stay away from cheap items
This tip may sound silly to you since we are in the process of discussing money-saving tips. But it is a fact that purchasing a cheap backpack for your child means that it might not be fit for use halfway through the school season. This “bargain” might really cost you a lot more money in the long run. Try to buy branded items like High Sierra, Jansport, LL. Bean, or Land’s End to be safe. These brands are likely to last for several years and you can even pass them on to your younger children.

4. Consider purchasing store brands.
There are office supply retailers like Staples that have their own notebook brands and brands for other supplies. These are often sold at lower costs compared to the name brands and you can also find these in big retailers like Wal-Mart.

5. Trade back-to-school items
Meet up with your family and friends especially the ones that have kids who are quite similar in age to yours and have them take with them their unused or slightly used clothes and school supplies that you can trade with each other. You might be able to find a slightly used backpack from your child’s cousin or maybe she has a friend who would like to trade clothes with her. This is a really creative and brilliant way to save cash and reuse some old things again.

6. Go for the back-to-school tax breaks on sales
There are a lot of states that give tax breaks when you buy back-to-school supplies. States like Illinois for example give big tax reductions on items like glue, rulers, and coats. Keep in mind that states have different tax laws. There are some that will limit the tax break to supplies that cost less than $10 or $20. There are also some that only do the tax breaks during particular weekends and it will be easy for you to miss them.

7. There is no need to buy all thing things you need in advance
Only buy what your child needs for the first day of class and stay away from shopping for the entire school year. There are items like pens and pencils that would be smart to buy a lot of especially if there is a big sale. But plenty of stores stock too much items during the back-to-school months so you can benefit from huge sales after the shopping rush is done.

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