Tips on School Supplies Shopping

Kids who are still in grade school need a big variety of supplies for school. Read on for a few great tips on how to save some cash and make shopping for school supplies less of a hassle and stress on your wallet.

1. Shop for the basic school supplies early on and at various stores.
Despite not having the complete list of required school supplies yet, you may proceed with shopping for the basics such as pencils, pens, and note pads early on. Try to shop for these in various stores. You can do this in order to compare the prices and especially if you are trying to find sales and discounts on these school supplies. It can be very tempting to buy everything from the same store but it is surprising to see how much can be saved if you just watch out for sales on the essential school supplies. You can purchase pens, pencils, and paper from office supply outlets or general merchandise stores.

2. Get the school supplies list from your kid’s teacher.
A lot of teachers post lists of the school supplies that they will require from their students on the website of a school. Some can give a specific list such as a certain type of notebook or folder after the first day of class. The moment you find out what is necessary; get these supplies from the local supply store or any retail outlets. The sooner that you can purchase what your child needs, the better off you will be. Stores are highly likely to stock out of particular items. If you shop early, you can find the good discounts and you can avoid waiting in long lines.

3. Search your home for reusable school supplies.
School supplies that can be reused include pencils, erasers, and many others. It is amazing to note the number of school supplies that may already be in your home. Create an inventory of these and put together everything that your child can still use before you start your shopping.

4. Allow your child to choose her school supplies.
When the child has a say in what school supplies she needs or will use, she is bound to be more enthusiastic about beginning school or going back. Allow her to choose among three items like her lunchbox or her backpack. Limit it to just three choices unless you want to spend a lot of time inside the store.

5. Quality is better than quantity.
You can go by this motto for everything including backpacks and pens. True, it might cost you a few more dollars at the start but you will see that it is highly worth it when you have a lunchbox that your child can use for several years instead of having to replace it and buy a new one in less than a year.

6. Purchase school supplies for the classroom during sales.
Some schools request the parents to donate items like paper, art materials, and many other supplies that the whole class can use. Keep watch for items that are on sales such as napkins, art supplies, and paper towels so that you have these available when you get your turn in donating items to the class.

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