Things to Do Before School Starts Again

This back-to-school checklist will help you ensure that you and your child are prepared when school begins this year. There are really a lot of things that you will have on your plate and if you go through this list early, you will be able to finish it in several weeks. The benefits you will reap include having an easier time transitioning from vacation mode to school mode for everyone in your family.

1. Try on Old Outfits
Before you head on to the mall to shop for new outfits for your child, make him try on all the old clothes that he has not put on since the previous year. You will surely find some clothes that are not well-fitting anymore. Put these to the side and take them to a consignment store or give them away to charitable institutions. If during this process you figure out that you have to buy several new things, keep in mind that there are plenty of back-to-school sales around. You can also make use of coupons to save some cash.

2. Answer Medical Forms for Your Kid
If there are forms that you need to have signed by your kid’s pediatrician, make sure that these are sent to the doctor as early as you can. If your son or daughter has allergies with food, relay this to his or her teacher before the start of the school year so that you can talk about precautions that can be put into place. There is an action plan for food allergies that can be printed out from the web.

3. Buy the Necessary School Supplies
The teacher or the school secretary should be able to provide you with a list of the particular school supplies that will be needed by your child. Some of the items on this list may include binders, backpacks, organizers, planners, and the usual crayons, pencils, scissors, and glue.

4. Make Arrangements with Your Babysitter
See to it that your babysitter is aware of when the school season begins and talk about the schedule of when you’ll need him or her to come around. You will also want to confirm the pay rate for this year as well as the schedule of payments.

5. Think about Buying New Alarm Clocks
If you have children that are very hard to wake up in the early morning, you may want to try alarm clocks that have sounds which are gradually increasing or you can place a timer on their bedside lamp which will automatically turn on at the time when they need to get up.

6. Make a List of the Kids’ Lunches
Before anything else, consider whether or not you will have to buy new lunchboxes for the kids. If the answer is yes, see to it that you buy one which has a label indicating that it is lead-free. There are some lunchboxes made out of vinyl which leave behind lead residue and you do not want this going anywhere near the food your kids eat! You should also start planning what has to be in your child’s lunches. Purchase the lunch staples like granola bars, fruit cups, and the like especially when these are on sale.

7. Make up Your Closet
Having an organized closet allows everybody to get dressed and get to school a bit faster every day. If you have laundry or ironing that has to be done, do all of this before the school year starts. You can also purchase some wrinkle-free spray for your children’s clothes so that you will not have to iron everything all the time.

8. Have an Updated Calendar
Calendars are great for making sure that you are organized and that you are able to manage the schedules of your kids. Take note of school-related activities such as holidays, half-days, and other regular activities such as karate, ballet, soccer practice, etc. Cultivate the habit of glancing at your calendar every night to see what you have in store for the following day.

9. Make an Organizational System for Papers
After the start of the school year, you will probably receive about 10 papers from your kids that will need your signature. Set aside an area in your house where the kids can leave all this paperwork that you need to sign. You should also have a particular space where the information you need can be found such as your calendar and the school canteen menu.

10. Steadily Make Bedtimes Earlier
You have to ensure that your children are sleeping well before school begins. If the kids have started the habit of sleeping late during the summer break, move up the bedtime steadily. Fifteen minutes earlier every evening will do. This allows for an easier bedtime when school starts again.

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