The Truth About Payday Loans

payday loan truthPayday loans are like an abortion. Most borrowers say that without access to easy cash, they would have to cut down on unnecessary expenses or even get a second job. It seems to be a quick solution to a myriad of your financial problems, but in the long term it turns into a nightmare. In fact, it’s a false solution to a false problem. I can’t imagine a situation to make you get a cash advance. You’ll hardly die, you won’t lose you home or job if you don’t get a payday loan. Usually it’s your impulses and ‘needs’ that drive your life and get into deep water.

OK, let’s come up with a few ideas why you may need to get a payday loan.

  1. You don’t have any friends or relatives whom you can borrow from. Think again. If taken seriously you wouldn’t challenge your friendship, credit score and your budget if you ask for a favor. It’s a big deal for someone, but if you want a safe and easy option than go with it.
  2. You need the cash as a down payment on a car.
  3. You need the funds for surgery and have no insurance.
  4. You’re inĀ  bind and have no job right now.
  5. You have to pay all your bills

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