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There are plenty of payday loan lenders out there who want to lend you money. Doing a bit of research to find the perfect lender for you is an important task. But how can you know which is the right lender for you? Some things you should look for as you shop for payday loan lenders:

  1. Is this payday loan lender licensed? – You absolutely want to work with a licensed lender. These businesses are more reputable and trustworthy. Go to the FAQ or view the company information to find out if they are licensed. If you can’t find the information, then you should ask a representative over email or on the phone.
  2. Does the lender have a secure website? – If you will be completing an application online, then you want to make sure the application is transmitted securely. Look for a  symbol , usually a padlock, that the website is secure and your information is safe.
  3. Know what the lender will need from you – If you want a no fax lender make sure that all the companies that you apply to are no fax, not all payday loan lenders are. In addition, review the FAQs and criteria to get approved to see if you can find any information on what the lenders need to approve you. Most lenders will include this. It has been my experience that those who do not are often less strict and require less…however, this is not always true for all lenders.
  4. Search around for the best rates and terms- Of course, you can do that! Many lenders do not want to provide you with exact rates or terms if you do not complete an application. However, if you give them a call, then they will usually offer you a price range. Ask about the terms that a first time borrower will receive. Some lenders will only charge $15 for each $100 borrowed by a first time customer, while others will charge $30 for every $100.

In addition, one more trick for shopping rates is to fill out a bunch of applications in a very short period of time. This works because applications do not get to your credit for a few days. So you can get instantly approved and see the rates and terms that all the companies would offer you. However, DO NOT E-SIGN ANYTHING! Make sure that you only sign the loan that you want to borrow, the other loans will usually expire in a day or two.

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  1. One of the main benefits of same day payday loans online is the ability to have money wired or transferred instantly to an online account, bypassing traditional banks.

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