Payday Loan Lenders: An Unexpected Savior

loans cashThere was a time when I never gave payday loan lenders a second thought.  However, with such a delicate economy, I knew financial problems would just be around the corner, and worse, they will come at a time when I am not financially prepared.  In California (or anywhere else for that matter), it can be quite challenging to build a life for a wife and two kids, especially if your salary is just enough to get you by.  At least I have a job; it wouldn’t even be possible to get a loan without a job.

I did try to get cheap loans once to ease some of our financial obligations, but, it didn’t turn out so good.  I never realized that getting fast cash can get you even deeper in debt because of payday lenders who are not very reputable, and are more interested in making a buck instead of helping you out.  Because of that, eventually we had bills that weren’t getting paid in time, and worse, credit card bills piling up as well, due to our lack of income and savings.

Before I knew it, we were faced with the dilemma of settling our financial obligations with the credit card company or opting to file for bankruptcy.  I knew I needed money immediately, but the prospect of getting cheap payday loans online terrified me just as much as the prospect of applying for bad credit loans.  This is when I learned the importance of borrowing money from payday loans direct lenders only.  Many of my friends have told me of the advantages of cash advance lenders, like same day loan approvals for example.  I just had to make sure that I was dealing with people who can really help me.

My preference for direct lenders for payday loans is based on my experience with payday loan lenders that use brokers.  Although the brokers know more lenders that offer payday loans guaranteed approval, they usually result in higher fees because the cash advance lenders pass on the commission they pay to the borrowers.  Yes, it is true that the broker will try and look for the best rates possible, fill out all the necessary forms, and even have your payday loans in one hour.  But the reality is that more often than not, they will pass you off to cash advance lenders that pay them the highest commission.

For people like me who are in dire need of easy loans to pay credit card debts and other financial obligations, this arrangement will work to my disadvantage because the higher the commission paid to the broker, the higher my loan fees would be.  That is why I believe that the best way to go with payday loans is to cut out the broker to make things more favorable.  After all, the Internet is filled with payday loans guaranteed no fax, same day loan, fast cash, and you can get your money in an hour or the next business day at the most.

Through my experience, I saw that direct lenders for payday loans not only costs lower, but is actually more affordable.  As a result, I had the chance to pay off my credit card and other financial obligations, while paying back the direct lenders on time.  I finally understood why my friends keep on saying that it is a win-win situation.  You see, before I got into this financial problem, I thought the only winning solution was to avoid payday loan lenders altogether.

I was even surprised how dealing with payday lenders only was significantly easier, because some even offered 1 hour loans no credit check required.  The payday loan guaranteed acceptance saved me from the impending possibility of having to declare bankruptcy because I couldn’t pay for my financial obligations.   But the prospect of having same day loans was just the solution I was looking for.

More importantly, the requirements were very easy to satisfy.  I just had to prove that I had a job or a steady source of income.  I just needed a certification from my company to show that I was making at least $1,000 monthly off my salary.  These were pretty easy requirements that my no fax payday loans direct lenders wanted me to satisfy.  And of course, it was important to give them by checking account details so that they can send me the money I need.  It would be difficult to get loans without a bank account, because you would have to entrust someone else with the money from your loan.

To my surprise, the approval process was also relatively easy; no wonder they called it easy payday loans.  After I completed and submitted my application for cheap payday loans online, I got the approval the same day, and actually received the money I needed the next business day right in my own checking account.  I was so glad that I had a job; otherwise, it would be more difficult to get money loans with no job.  So, no matter how bad you think your job is, it can always work out for you.

If you are looking for no job loans, you may have better chances of simply looking for a job straight out.  I don’t think there would be too many payday loan lenders willing to take the risk.  Even bad credit loans, cash advance loans, and other types of easy loans would require you to show proof that you can actually pay back the amount.  If you don’t have a bank account, that should not be much of a problem.  It is easier to get a loan without a bank account than without a job.  This is what payday advance without direct deposit facilities are all about.

So I was able to get fast cash with payday loan direct lenders only at a very reasonable interest rate.  The payday lenders were also gracious enough to ensure me that the cheap loans they provided were intended to help out people like me who were in financial quicksand.  Now, my wife and I are keeping close watch on our credit card spending, and are extremely thankful how payday loan lenders have helped us dodge the bankruptcy bullet.

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