How To Get A Quick Loan Without A Bank Account

Do you need urgent cash to pay urgent bills? If so, then you need a payday loan to fulfill all your financial needs. You can pay off the borrowed amount with your next paycheck. How to get a payday loan immediately? Cash advances or short term payday loans that can be obtained almost instantly, without the hassle of going through the whole loan approval process.

The applicants have a wide range of options available, with a great number of lending institutions providing such loans. Payday loans are usually borrowed against the fact that the applicant has a steady income. The application process for a payday loan does not constitute faxing over any documents. All you have to do is complete an online application, or you can also apply for a loan on the phone. The approval process for a payday loan is not time consuming either. Moreover, the borrower is not required to have a good credit score to get approved for a cash advance. When the payday loan application is approved, the loan amount is transferred directly into the borrower’s checking account within a day.

Quick Loans Without a Bank Account

If the applicant has no checking account and still wants to borrow cash, then there are services like payday loan with no direct deposit available on the market. However, the applicant, while applying for a loan with no direct deposit option should keep in mind the due date and make sure to repay the loan on time.

Sometimes, the applicant needs to do an extensive research to obtain a payday loan without having a checking account. This is because payday loans with no direct deposit basically have a higher interest rate. The post dated check provided for a loan to the lender may take more time to clear than expected. Usually, it is around 3 days to get your check cleared.

Pros and Cons

If it is a payday loan, then no faxing of paperwork is required. Once the loan is approved, the cash is transferred directly into the applicant’s bank account. However, prior to considering a payday loan, you should keep in mind the following things:

  • High Cost – Although it’s quick and easy to get a payday loan with no bank account and without the hassle of faxing, it’s expensive to borrow cash this way. The interest rate of no direct deposit payday loan lenders is rather high, and can subsequently double or even triple the borrowed amount. Faxless payday loans should not be taken for a long period of time.
  • Dangers – If you are not able to verify the legitimacy of the lender, then you should proceed with caution. Anyone can get access to your personal details by setting up a fraudulent website acting as if it were a payday loan lender.


  1. signature payday advances

    When you need extra cash but do not have a checking account, then some lenders will offer a signature loan. With that you need to have a job for at least 6 months, and proof of address. You also might not get nearly as much as if you were to get a payday advance, because with a signature loan they have no collateral thats why they offer less.

  2. hey i need cash fast and dont have a bank account

  3. I always appreciate a different approach on things, thanks for sharing.

  4. sara e ballenger

    need cash fat but no bank account

  5. sara e ballenger

    need by 2:30 today

  6. I need a loan i work but have poor cash flow

  7. everytime I apply on line it requires a checking account. why?

  8. i want a loan but i do not have a bank account

  9. They all want checking account dont have one what do i do

  10. I would like to borrow money. I will pay it back at the end of the month. Thank you

  11. mashaallah yahyazade

    hello.i havenot bank account.i have account in alertpay and moneyboockers.i need to cash fast very me

  12. Need a $1,100 loan today before 5 pm. The company I work for does not offer direct deposit.

  13. i need some cash and i dont have a bank account

  14. I need a payday loan for 100 dollars. I get unemployment every two weeks and don’t have a bank account . But I do have a clear car title. How can I get the loan for about a week.

  15. Hey I need a loan to get a car for about $1200 but I have no bank account how can I do it? Can I apply online and get a check mailed to me or something? Help!

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