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Get A Loan Without A Job

79 300x230 Get A Loan Without A JobPayday loans need to be repaid by your next payday, so it may surprise you to find out that you do not actually need a job in order to borrow a payday loan. In fact, there are a number of payday lending companies who will let you borrow some money even if you are not employed. This is because having a job is not an important factor in their payday loan approval process. Instead, the payday lending agency is concerned with how much money you can prove that you get each month, your monthly income.

But how can you have an income, and get money if you do not have a job? Typically, people who are on disability will receive a monthly stipend. Sometimes, people who are retired  will also receive monthly retirement checks. These things do count as reliable income to payday lenders and you can use them to get approved for borrowing a payday loan. Many people also use their alimony as income. If you are able to prove to the lenders that you do receive monthly alimony checks, then this will also count as a source of verifiable income and you can be approved for a payday loan.

Obviously, you are most likely to be approved when you are employed but there are many ways to get a payday loan. You will have to show proof of your income but if you are able to show this, then you can easily be approved. This is probably the easiest way for people without a job, but with a reliable source of income, to get a loan. Still, you need to keep in mind that these are short term loans and you should only borrow one if you are able to repay it when you receive your next check from whichever income source.

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  • By shannan
    April 26, 2010 ( 7:12 pm )

    need a cash loan a.s.a.p have two young children and i am severly broke. bad credit and no job

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