CashNetUSA can provide you with the extra cash that you need in case your paycheck is not enough to last you until next month. CashNetUSA can give loans even to those who have bad credit scores so this is perfect for those who normally get refused by other lenders.

If you refer someone to CashNetUSA, you can get an incentive of $20 and your friend will also enjoy a 20% discount off the loan rates.

CashNetUSA belongs to the CFSA or the Community Financial Services Association of America. This company can give out loans to those who are on social security benefits, disability benefits, alimony payments, and child support. You can enjoy 20% lower rates if you use the coupon code CJCASH when you apply for one.

If you are in California, a loan from CashNetUSA will require you to pay $17.65 for every $100 that you borrow. The loan is good for 14 days so this means that your APR is at 460.16%.

The loan application process at CashNetUSA is completely online and paperless so this helps you to get the money that you need fast. The company gives out loans to part-time employees, renters, self-employed people, and those who get paid every month. However, those in the military cannot avail of a loan from this service.

The amount that you can take out will be based on the rules and regulations of the state you live in. If you apply before 9pm CST during the weekdays or before 7pm CST during the weekends, you can get the cash that you are approved for by the following day.

There are certain requirements that you have to meet if you want to borrow from CashNetUSA. You need to be earning at least $750 every month. You also need a valid checking account since they do not accept savings accounts and prepaid debit cards. Employment must have been held for at least the past month. Lastly, you need to be a citizen who is at least 18 years old.

There are 3 options that you have when paying for your CashNetUSA loan. You can pay for the entire amount demandable which is the principal plus the fees or the interest charge. You may also choose to pay the minimum and make the loan extended by entering a new contract. You can also just pay fro the fees and the interest charges and make the loan principal over into a different loan. But do keep in mind that not every state will allow this extension. Make sure that you read the specific regulations set by your state.


  1. It’s not that my credit was bad, I just hadn’t built a great score. When my dog got bit at the dog park and I had to take her to the vet, I had no idea how to pay for it. My friend told me about CashNetUSA, but I wanted to read a few reviews about them first and got to your site shortly. Finally, I decided to give it a go. I was able to apply quickly, got $500 to pay the vet’s office for the checkup and stitches, and was able to make everything okay. Picking up an extra shift at work meant paying back the loan on time was easy. It was awesome.

  2. We were visiting my dad when I noticed the shut-off notice from the gas company. Strapped ourselves with kids in college, we didn’t have the extra $600 and the gas company wouldn’t budge. We searched for a company that would approve our loan that evening and get us the funds the next day. We found CashNetUSA. We found help for my dad’s dementia, but CashNetUSA helped us that first difficult evening.



  4. I applied with Cash Net USA to help pay my overdue mortgage. I chose them because they offer bad credit payday loans and my credit is definitely bad. They approved me and I was able to pay my mortgage. Thanks Cash Net USA for helping me in an emergency. Cash Net USA is one of the best no fax payday loans direct lenders around.

  5. i would like to borrow 1000.00 dollars to pay my mortage i fell on a little hard luck i need this money to catch up

  6. When we needed emergency funds weeks before payday, CashNetUSA was there to help. We were short on the rent and payday was too far away. I prefer to deal with direct payday lenders only and have found that CashNetUSA is always ready to help when we need a payday loan.

  7. It’s not an uncommon story in this day and age: I had just taken a paycut at work, I was short on rent and food and I had to get some money fast. I had started a part time job, but my next pay check was still a few weeks away. CashNetUsa got me the cheap payday loans online I needed. Direct payday loans really saved me.

  8. I didn’t have enough to cover my $500 deductible when someone slammed into the side of my car with an SUV. One of my friends said Cash Net USA gives people cheap payday loans so I got in touch. I explained what happened and how I had to pay $500 before my insurance company would pay to finish repairing my car. I got a same day loan and paid off my deductible right after leaving the loan office. My car was like-new in less than a week.

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