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You can obtain the money that you need right from inside your home if you go for Cash Central®. If you opt for this service, there will be no need for you to even get out of your home and drive somewhere. Cash Central® will provide you with the payday loan money that you need to survive until the next paycheck comes. The online application, once approved, will give you the cash that you need within the next day.

If you choose to become a member of Cash Central® and you are accepted, you can log on to their website and ask for a payday loan any time that you wish to. The premier members or those who have already been able to take out and pay for 5 loans can get lower fees, the best customer service, and tips on how to save money.

Cash Central® is a legally registered entity and it is licensed by the state to directly lend money to people who need them. This group also belongs to the OLA or the Online Lenders Alliance.

If you opt for a loan from Cash Central® in California, you will pay $17.64 for every $100 that you take out. This will be payable within 14 days so you have an APR of 459.90%.

Cash Central® understands that people who are in the midst of emergencies are not at liberty to wait for long applications. They do not have the energy to deal with the stress and the worry of whether their website is secure or not. For this reason, Cash Central® is offered greater security by Thawte as well as other internal guards. The application that you submit for the payday loan can be securely sent so you do not have to worry about someone being able to steal your private data.

The application process in Cash Central® is very easy to complete as long as you do it right away. Once the company has verified the details on your application form, you can enjoy approval on the payday loan already. You can then start to login and ask for loans anytime in the future.

There are several criteria that you have to meet to be able to get a loan from Cash Central®. You need to have had work for the past 3 months at least. You should earn a net income of at least $1,000 each month. There has to be a valid account registered under your name where they can send the money to. Finally, you must be a citizen who is of legal age.

In order to get fast approval on your payday loan, Cash Central® has several recommendations. One is that you fill out all of the fields required on the application form. Just put in your telephone number, your email address, and other bank information. You will also be asked to give your SS number.

There is no need to fax documents to Cash Central® but you can get a lot of benefits if you fax over your most recent pay slip. This will make it faster but you will only have to do it for the first time. After you have gotten the approval, login right away and ask for the loan.

They have a 24-hour customer service so you can be sure that you will get really good service at any time of the day. The rates are understandable and you might even be surprised at just how easy it is to get the loan amount that you need to get you through the next two weeks.


  1. They say payday loans are only for emergencies, but I needed cash for a guy’s weekend. I knew I could pay it back quickly, so I decided it wasn’t a big deal. Cash Central got me the 700 bucks I needed to cover flight and hotel, the weekend was awesome, and I’d definitely do it again.

  2. Does this have to be paid back next payday or can it be paid in installments?

  3. Every year, my son’s school has a fundraiser which requires him to sell coupon books in order for him to participate in extra-curricular activities. Well, in this economy, even selling coupon books isn’t easy. One day before he had to turn in the money for the books, he told me he hadn’t sold even a single book. He had tried, but simply had no luck. Short on cash myself, I turned to Cash Central for help because they give cash loans. I said I needed fast cash. I had enough to buy my son’s minimum quota in an instant.

  4. My wisdom tooth was aching badly and I found out that I needed to have it extracted. I was low on funds, so a friend of mine suggested applying with some direct payday lenders to see if I could get approved. I applied with Cash Central because they tell you within seconds if you have been approved. They gave me the money I needed fast. I would recommend Cash Central to anyone who needs cash in a hurry. Cash Central is one of the best direct payday lenders. No third party lenders are ever involved.

  5. They do not service Florida 🙁

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