Boss, Will You Give Me a Cash Advance?

As I was going downtown in my car this morning, I got an interesting call from one of my employees. His voice was tense as he told me that something has happened unexpectedly and he needs to have a cash advance on his salary for the month. After the conversation, I felt weird because it was a coincidence that I had been given a task earlier during the past week to write a blog review about, a site that specializes in financial matters that pertains to all types of lending services including cash advances on salaries. I was thinking that it could just be a coincidence or maybe a reminder that I needed to submit my pending review for the site which I had been keeping in my files for some time already. I am hesitant to submit it due to my personal views about the site itself which I thought to be contradicting at first with my statements in the review which I kept to be positive. However, upon contemplating about the real benefits that this site can provide to those who are really in need, I am having considering about making a speedy submission of my output.

cash advanceWhy was I so hesitant about cash advance services websites? Maybe this is because I haven’t really given time to consider looking at all of the aspects of their operations and services. For me, lending companies out there are sharks looking for willing prey and that their existence has been one of the things that authorities should consider terminating. However, my views about all of these changed when I was presented with the task to study and give reviews about As I have found out, there are more than just business ventures out to make profit out there.They are there to help those who are needy in terms of fast cash without the need for complicated steps and processes. The convenience that they can give to people in need of quick cash for real purposes cannot be equated with the services that normal loan sharks out there provides.

The following features of that caught my attention and really made my views change about lending sites are the following:

  • Less complicated loan processes for first time borrowers. It has been a common practice among lending companies to conduct credit and background checks on individuals who show interest in borrowing money from them.This usually takes time and depending on the locations and nature of the information to be verified, could take as long as a few days. Processing will only be started once verifications have been started. At, borrowers don’t have to go through this complicated step. The administrators understand the urgency of the need of those who borrow from them and they take this into consideration when they make it convenient for clients to access cash the easy way.
  • Educational provisions for the management of financial liabilities. At, they are not only responsible for providing financial assistance to clients but they also realize the need to educate them on how to make their financial management possible. Money that is provided could easily get lost if not managed properly. The ability to plan out and configure ways to properly allocate this money is what the advisers at the website can give you. This education system does not end at the spending part but extends to the ways in which repayments could be done without actually affecting the overall financial capacity of the client.
  • Presence of blog that provides useful information about all aspects of a making and repaying loans. As part of their educational function, they are providing more that financial advisers but also some pieces of information in form of submitted reviews and posts from users all over the world which could add to the knowledge that clients will need in making transactions pertaining to finances. These blogs can also be used to showcase the successful transactions and services that have been provided to satisfied clients. This will be useful in assessing the quality of service that the website actually offers to its clients all over the world.
  • Guides on all aspects of the transactions within the site that the client could possibly get into. There are many resources on the site that will guarantee that clients will never get lost navigating on the site. The tutorials on how applications should be filled up, what steps to take next, and the usual time periods within each step makes the site more “client friendly”. This is one of the efforts of the site to make their services convenient, accessible, and helpful to those prospective clients that are out there.

Now, after reading all about this, what do you think I have to say about the site? The answer is quite simple: marvelous! As normal human beings, we cannot predict the time in which we will have emergency needs for cash. It is usually on awkward times that these emergencies come like having to pay for medical bills and the day for salaries are still far off. In cases of vehicular breakdowns, it is only on fast cash options that we could have it repaired if we are in a really urgent need for a transport mode.

As an individual who manages people and employees of my own company, I find it very inappropriate for persons to get used to the habit of using their cash advances when there are still other options for them to consider. Borrowing money that you still haven’t earned can be a bad habit to develop. Having to consume money or salary that you still have to work for may lower productivity of work among employees and may cause losses to the company if the amount of work done by employees is the basis for the generation of income. However, at, they provide a solution for this by charging fees for transactions. Having transaction fees may make the clients consider all other options first before going for cash advances. Through this, responsible borrowers are produced by

Now, as one of those people who see the importance of financial skills, all that I can recommend is for you to get the services of this website if you are in need of quick emergency cash. They will not only provide you with the money you need but also of the skills needed to become financially wise.

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