Surviving the Back-to-School Season Shopping Rush

Shopping for the coming school season does not need to be stressful for you. Using a few techniques and some strategizing, you may have a hassle-free, efficient, and cheaper back-to-school shopping spree.

1. Create a list of what you need
A really great technique for a stress-free back-to-school trip to the mall involves creating a list of the school supplies as well as other necessities that your kid will need. Do these as early as you can, even as early as the start of summer. You can slowly go through this shopping list the closer that you get to the first day of school.

Tip: When you are creating this list, consider not just the school supplies that your child will need. Examine items such as her rain boots and see if these still fit. If not, you may have to get another pair that can be used for the following school year. Go through the things that were useful for your child the previous year like and alarm clock or a new calendar and put them on the list if you need to.

2. Figure out your shopping technique
If you are one of those people who enjoy going through the crowd trying to find good bargains, then that is good for you. If you are that type of person, you can benefit largely from finding out what sales come about the nearer you get to the start of school. But if you are not the type who would want to fight off crowds and stressful people ruin your day, it is probably not best for you to put off the shopping until the last few days of summer vacation. You should try your best to do the bigger part of your back-to-school supplies shopping early on and if you forget anything small just pick these up from your local pharmacy.

3. Set aside things that can still be reused
Check and see if your kid’s backpack is still in good shape. Are there clothes that can just be given to younger brothers, sisters, cousins, or friends? Are there items that can be exchanged from your family or friends and handed-down to your child? Reusing these items will help you to save money and is also a good way for you to be ecologically-responsible. After all, more and more families are being environment-friendly nowadays.

4. Do your shopping early and only purchase what you require
The adage about the early bird and the worm is there for a good reason. In the case of school shopping, the early bird gets out of a lot of stress by doing the shopping in advance. There are plenty of schools that will post the list of required school supplies even during summer vacation. If the school your child goes to does not do this, think about what you need to buy now and what you can afford to just buy later.

As an example, it is a fact that your kid will require pencils, notepads, and erasers. There are also schools that will require parents to purchase tissues, glue, and other types of school items for the year. Look at store newsletters and also keep track of email alerts indicating back-to-school sales for things that your child really needs. You can just purchase the spiral notebooks later on in case your kid’s teacher requires them to use a composition notebook and not a spiral one.

5. Do some shopping online
Parents who are busy will find it hard to purchase school supplies in brick-and-mortar stores. This is the reason why online shopping can be a huge lifesaver. This saves busy parents a lot of time because they can do the shopping without the need to go from one store to another or waiting in line at the check-out counter. This is also very convenient. You can look for bargains and do comparison shopping. You can check beforehand if an item is available and you can even read reviews from previous customers. You will be able to enjoy the luxury of looking for eco-friendly items without even needing to leave your home. You just need a few minutes to do this and you can even do it after you have put the kids to bet.

6. Spend over a span of time
It can be very expensive for you to try and purchase all the things that your kid will need for the entire school year in just one day. This is also a very stressful thing to do. To help you ease this stress, try to figure out what your kid will absolutely require on the first day of class. Only buy the basics like pencils, paper, and erasers when these are on sale and put off buying the rest until there is also a sale for them. Remember that there are plenty of stores who stock up on school supplies too much at the start of the school year and you can find plenty of great bargains if you avoid the first week rush.

7. Try to do your shopping on a weeknight and near dinnertime
You probably know that most stores are quite empty during weeknights especially when people are at home getting dinner. Ask your spouse if you can go on a special night out for dinner with the kids and afterwards go to the supply store or even the big retail outlets to find the things that you need. It will be a fast shopping trip for you and it will not be as hassling as going when there are plenty of people.

8. Register for sales email alerts
There are plenty of retailers who invite customers to sign up for email alerts that will inform then when there are sales and special offers. Sometimes you can spot great bargains for winter clothing even if it is only July. Buy these essentials as soon as there is a sale for them.

9. Remain on your budget
Finding great bargains and maintaining a budget can lead to a very stress-free back-to-school shopping. Do not buy bad quality items. Look for store branded ones and see how much you end up saving.

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