100 Day Loans

100 Day Loans was created with the sole process of lending money to people who need them as fast as possible. The best trait of this payday lender is that the borrowers are given a hundred days before they need to pay back the loan. This is what sets them apart from their competitors and the reason for their company name. The maximum amount that a borrower can take out is $1,500 or so it says on their website.

One good thing about this lender is that they operate in 48 states. There are only three steps that you must go through before you can get your loan proceeds. The first is applying, the second is getting approval, and the third is getting the funds.

100 Day Loans also operates on a secure website. They have a very rigid privacy policy. If you go to the website, you can look at all the regulations that they have in place. There are some tiny things that may affect your loan but they always make sure to put these on the website so that you can hear about them each time that you log on.

When you apply for a loan from 100 Day Loans, there are certain requirements that you have to meet. You have to give your full name, email address, residential address, and telephone number. You also need to give your gender and your date of birth. Another requirement is your bank account details and other information as they deem fit. Do not worry since they do not share your information with other parties. This is made possible using VeriSign Secured. There are some lenders that give out your information to third parties as a way to do marketing with them and some people think that 100 Day Loans is one of them. But the information that you submit on their website is entirely safe.

100 Day Loans is very easy to use. This is one thing that they advertise heavily on since there are only three steps to obtaining the cash that you need. However, you do have to fill out smaller forms before you can get your money. The fact remains, however, that the cash you need can be obtained in less than an hour.

Their website is easy to use and to follow. The results are also fast. A lot of the information that you need can be easily found.

The costs of taking out a loan from 100 Day Loans are based on the state that you are located in. For instance, you can pay between $5 and $25 for each $100 that you borrow. This leads to an APR of about 651.79% on average.


  1. When my car broke down, I thought I was screwed. I knew I’d be getting cash in a couple of months, but I couldn’t afford the repairs or a new car. 100 Day Loans made it easy to borrow $4000 – even though it took a couple of separate applications – and I knew that I’d have three months to pay it back. It was perfect for me: fast approval, cash in hand quickly, and my credit didn’t matter.

  2. Geoff McAllister

    When I Found myself in a predicament due to a family emergency I researched dozens of cash advance sites. None compared to 100DayLoans as far as their rates, service quality and information went. I got my $300 and paid it off the next week, no problem.

  3. Derwin W. Harton

    On va benefits and need cash to pay a few things. I’m finding it hard since I just have direct deposit to my savings account.

  4. 100 day loans helped me get our life back on track. when my man lost his job and we only had the money coming in from me waiting tables it was pretty bad. we might’ve been kicked out of our place if i didn’t have the help of 100 day loans. eventually he found another job and we were able to pay off the debt but sometimes you just need a helping hand. 100 day loans offered a hand to get us through the hardest time in our lives. thank you 100 day loans !!

  5. Doesn’t get any easier than 100 Day Loans when you need cash. Got the cash a few hours after initial application. It’s great. I’m already a repeat customer.

  6. When I got sick of being treated poorly at my local lenders, I went online and found 100 Day Loans. They’re the only lender that cares about my financial well-being. When I visited my new grandbaby last spring, I used 100 Day Loans’ budget sheet. I borrowed $300 and had no trouble paying it back. With 100 Day Loans, I’ve regained a sense of control.

  7. I needed a payday loan badly to help with bills and school shopping and got it quickly from 100dayloans.

  8. I was able to replace my hot water heater the same day that it broke down thanks to the helpful team at 100 Day Loans. If you’re in a tough spot and you’re looking for no fax payday loans direct lenders, then I suggest that you do what I did and contact 100 Day Loans. They helped me pick out the best payday advance company in my area, and hot water was quickly restored to my house.

  9. Jackson Cunningham

    My wife went into labor early and we were completely unprepared! This was our first baby and there were so many things that we needed to purchase to be ready to bring our daughter home. I searched for cheap loans right away. As a matter of fact I was hoping to find options for 1 hour payday loans for $500. My priority was to make sure that my daughter was cared for and my wife didn’t have a need to worry. 100 Day Loans was able to match me with help right away.

  10. My lease was up and I found the perfect house! I couldn’t bring myself to pass it up, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to afford the $1500 deposit. I needed to find loans with no bank account. I was matched with a great company through 100 Day Loans that was able to get me into this amazing property. I never knew there were so many options for easy loans!

  11. I accidentally wrote a check that was going to overdraw my account. The fees were going to outrageous because this one check was going to cause two more overdrafts. At $32.50 a piece, I would be paying almost $100 to the bank for my error. I had to do something, so I got online and found 100 Day Loans. 100 Day Loans helped me get a same day loan for $300. That is enough to cover my check and avoid the overdraft fees. The company is easy to work with and can help people get cheap payday loans.

  12. My brother was arrested two nights ago and needed bail money. Rather than use a bailbondsman, I got online to find a cheaper way to get him the $800 he needed. I found 100 Day Loans. The application was simple and I was approved for a loan quickly. I know I have had credit problems before, so I was worried that I wouldn’t be approved. But 100 Day Loans even offers bad credit payday loans. I would recommend 100 Day Loans to anyone who needs easy payday loans.

  13. I just applied for a loan on line. Can you tell me the status of the loan? Last 4 of social 6803

  14. My 16 year old daughter was in a car accident and I needed money to have her car towed. Payday wasn’t for three more days, so I got online and found 100 day loans. I was approved for a $500 cash advance within minutes. Within a few hours, the money was in my bank account. Thank you 100 day loans for getting me the fast cash I needed.

  15. I do not feel good about making my social security number available over the internet. I had deny theft before.

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