1 Hour Payday Loans

1 hour payday loansIf you are in search of a useful remedy for a severe financial crisis, the 1 hour payday loans can be the best answer to your quest. The name of this loan type itself suggests that you will not need more than one hour for receiving the requested loan amount. One our payday loans are a fast, easy and convenient alternative to a typical bank loan. These fast loans offer immediate cash and help to settle different financial obligations such as mortgage payments, school fees, credit card bills, etc.

Fast and Convenient: Why?

How can a payday lender process 1 hour payday loans application so fast? The main reason behind the remarkable speed of approval of applications for a payday cash advance is complete omission of paperwork. When you apply for a standard bank loan, the bank will ask you to submit a bunch of documents as proof of your identity and financial background. However, when you are applying for one hour payday loans, you will not need to submit any document. Therefore, the lenders don’t need to spend hours to read through the papers before approving the 1 hour payday loans applications.

Why are one hour payday loans described as the most convenient loan type? Every top instant cash lender prefers to complete the application and approval procedure of the payday loans online. As a result, they are running business websites that have payday loan application forms. If you are in need of a quick cash loan, you can visit any of these websites and fill in the 1 hour payday loans application form available on it. You will not need to travel miles for submitting your loan application, just sit in front of your office or home computer and complete the entire application procedure.

While all other loan amounts are paid as checks, a payday cash advance gets transferred directly into the applicant’s bank account. This allows you to have instant access to the 1 hour payday loans amount. Most online payday lenders transfer the requested money by implementing the electronic funds transfer technology. This modern day banking technology ensures that the transferred money reaches the account of the recipient within an hour.

1 Hour Payday Loans: How to Grab the Best Deal?

Pick the best one hour payday loan lender: Already it has been mentioned that most payday lenders prefer to operate through their business websites. This allows the prospective consumers to carry out thorough lender comparison without running from one bank to another. According to the financial experts, it is extremely important to shop around before entering any financial deal, let it be while buying an insurance policy or while applying for a loan. This will help you to get hold of the best possible deal available in the market.

Check the 1 hour payday loans limits: As soon as you know which online lending business you will opt for, check whether the maximum loan amount offered by them is enough for covering your financial requirements. The feature that makes one hour payday loans extremely flexible is that you can borrow any amount between $100 and $1,500. The terms and conditions or the FAQ page of the website should inform you about the lending limits of a particular online payday lending business. Read through these pages carefully and find out whether the lender is offering sufficient amount to cover your pending expenses. If the online lender you selected offers the amount you require, your search for a suitable 1 hour payday loans provider has ended successfully.

Find out whether you are eligible for getting the 1 hour payday loans: You can get the online application for a cash advance approved only if you meet all the eligibility requirements mentioned on the lender’s website. To get the one day payday loan applications approved, you must be:

  1. a legal US resident
  2. a minimum of 18 years of age
  3. employed with a minimum monthly salary of $1,000
  4. a holder of an active checking account at any bank of the United States (the checking account must accept transactions carried out through electronic funds transfer)

Fill in the 1 hour payday loans application form: While filling in the application form make sure that none of the entries are left blank. Most online payday lenders will ask you to enter only some basic information about yourself, for instance your name, age and contact information. In the next section, you will have to type your employment details, which may include the employer’s name and contact information, your monthly salary and the number of months or years you have been working for them. In the final section of the application form, you will have to enter your bank details and the amount you need as 1 hour payday loan. Before submitting the application, verify the facts provided by you. If you enter wrong or untrue information, your online application will be invalidated. Check whether you have entered the bank account number correctly. If any of the digits you have entered is wrong, the loan amount might reach someone else’s account.

Know the payment policies of the lending website: This is very important. The Truth in Lending Act passed in the year 1968 forces every fast cash lender to disclose their payment policies. Accordingly, the terms and conditions page of a payday lender’s website will surely have detailed information on the fees and rates of interest charged by the company. You must read all these clauses to get acquainted with the payment policies of the online fast cash lender. Submit the completed application form only after reading the terms and conditions page carefully.

Submit the application form: Once you know the fees and interest rates you will have to pay for using the one hour payday loans, click on the submit button. If you have completed the entire procedure perfectly, you will receive an acknowledgement message immediately after clicking the submit button.

Wait for an hour: After submitting the filled application form, you have to wait for an hour. The 1 hour payday loans don’t take more than an hour to reach the applicants’ bank accounts.


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